Hermann Bujard

HermanBujardHermann Bujard studied Chemistry in Freiburg and Göttingen, Germany, where, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hans Brockmann, he received his Diplom in organic chemistry in 1960 and was promoted to Dr.rer.nat. (PhD) in 1962.  After a 5-year stay in the US, first as postdoctoral fellow with Charles Heidelberger and Gobind Khorana at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc., USA, and thereafter as assistant professor at the Southwest Center for Advanced Studies, Dallas, Texas, he moved, in 1969, to the Universität Heidelberg as Professor of Molecular Genetics. In 1982 he accepted an offer by F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd., Basel, as Head of Biological Research and Deputy Director. He returned to the Universität Heidelberg in 1986 as Chairman of the newly-founded Center for Molecular Biology (ZMBH), where he is now Professor Emeritus – still running an active research laboratory.

He has published some 160 scientific articles, including invited reviews, in peer reviewed journals, and has more than 40 issued patents

Research interests

Much of Hermann Bujard’s research interests focused on mechanisms controlling gene expression at the transcriptional level. Spin offs of these studies yielded novel approaches for the in vivo study of gene function in eukaryotes (“TET Technology”). Since his days at Roche he has a vivid interest in Malaria, particularly in the development of vaccines against P. falciparum infections.

Selection of Honors and Awards 

1964  NIH International Postdoctoral Fellow.
1976  Elected member, European Molecular Biology Organization.
1996  Elected Scientific Member, Max-Planck-Society, Germany.
1995  Beckurts-Preis for Research Achievements with Potential for Applications.
1996  Prix Yvette Mayent for Cancer Research, Institut Curie, Paris.
2000  Honorary Doctorate, Medizinische Fakultät, Universität Würzburg, Germany.
2005  Medal of Merit, State of Baden-Württemberg.
2014  Robert-Koch-Gold-Medal for Lifetime Achievements.

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